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I know this topic has been discussed to death around these parts but please forgive me for posting another thread about IUDs.

I had already decided that I want a Mirena despite the "gross shit (coffee ground-consistency) you leak from your vagina for a week" (quote from a friend who just got one) and despite the pain that I'm expecting to have when it's inserted. It is free with my insurance and it is just the right choice for me for other reasons.

Fast forward to today's appointment with a new OB/GYN to get a checkup before he can insert it. Yes, "he" - I went to a male gyn despite my best interest. Here is how the interaction went:

Him (*in a thick russian accent with no intonation*): So you want birth control, what pill do you want?


Me: Actually I would like to get an Mirena.

Him: You said you are single and not in a monogamous relationship? No no, we don't recommend an IUD for people like you

Me: ... it is literally impossible for me to get an STI because I AM NOT GETTING LAID (<—-never a fun thing to have to tell a stranger.)

Him: Well we usually just do this for people who are married. It is safest when you are married.


... so apparently being married somehow *magically* makes you immune from getting STIs. The fact that I have always been monogamous and always wear condoms was of no concern to him. After insisting that I only want an IUD he said he would reluctantly insert one for me... but only after I try another brand of birth control. I promised I would (but won't do it out of spite). I'm so irritated by this old school patriarchy thinking that only special married women who have had children can get IUDs, a line of thinking that has been thoroughly debunked by the American College of Gynecologists.

Anyway, I'm hoping y'all will share your IUD experiences with me! To my fellow non-married heathens, did the IUD destroy your insides like this doctor thinks will happen to me?! I should get one right??

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