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Let's talk Migraines

I got a migraine last night and while the pain isn’t terrible today (it was pretty bad last night), I am feeling so freaking dizzy and out of it today. I don’t take migraine-specific meds because they make me feel terrible, but this is really awful. I’m fine if I stay perfectly still, but if I start moving, my head spins. Is it the migraine, is it my sinuses (my ears were really clogged up earlier this week), did I eat too many carbs/sugar or is it just me being a weirdo? I did take a muscle relaxant last night (that’s the only med that really works on migraines for me) and smoke a little weed (which usually helps), but neither of those make me wobbly the next day.

Ugh. I have so many chores and errands to run and I can barely walk in a straight line.


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