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Let's Talk MOOCs

Have you taken any and which ones would you recommend?

I’ve whittled down my career path to resemble an actual path instead of just doing this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and taking whatever offer comes my way. The path I’ve decided on involves learning a lot of new things on top of my experience, so I’ve been considering supplementing by taking some MOOCs. A lot of them are free, but a lot of them also offer certifications for a price. Are the certifications actually worth anything? Have you found much difference between the different MOOC websites? I’ve been looking through Lynda and Coursera the most, but I’d be open to other sites. My work offers a lot of online training, but their system has been buggy lately so I’d rather learn elsewhere on my own time.


I’m also thinking about taking some just because they’re interesting courses. Which ones would you be interested in?

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