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Let's Talk Retail Hell

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I no longer work in retail, but the retail psychological wounds run deep. I started working in retail when I worked at Mervyn's California when I was 16. Remember Meryn's? It was the Macy's equivalent of a Kohls, except shittier. Ever since then I was in and out of various retail positions until I clawed my way out into my nice, boring, corporate job. And most people I know have had at least a short stint working in retail. So lets swap stories! Tell me your good, your bad, and your completely insane retail stories. What was your favorite thing? What was the thing you hated most? Tell me about your awesome coworkers, jerk bosses, and the drama of your department.


I'll kick things off with this little gem. I worked at a makeup counter that gave us a whopping 3% commission in sales. There was a girl who worked at my same counter who was a proud gutter punk, never showered, and pretty much always came to work broke and awful. One day, she got into it with me and started screaming at me on the floor for "stealing her sale". Meaning she spent half an hour with someone and there were people waiting to purchase things, so I rang them up. This was immediately escalated to my annoying boss, who then had to take my side. The things I sold amounted to $24, so essentially she was ready to cut my face off for $0.72. Later on that day, a woman threw a pair of scissors at me because her store credit card was declined. Fun day.

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