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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Let's Talk Self Care

First of all I want to say thanks to everyone who took a few minutes out of their day to help talk me down earlier today. I really appreciate the sympathy, concern, and advice.

I tend to be a worst-case scenario thinker and somehow in my many years of life I’ve never really developed any good coping mechanisms for when things get too stressful. I did call a psychologist tonight to make an appointment because I know I need it, but I’m also thinking about ways I can take care of myself a bit better, because lately I feel like an exposed nerve all the time.


When I got home from work I took a brief walk, and since getting home I’ve been blasting music and jumping around. Listening to music and moving around a bit makes me feel so much better. Why don’t I do it more? Here’s the list I put together so far for things I should try to do more often:

Take deep breaths
Solo dance party
Always keep a snack on hand so I don’t get hungry and headachy
Drink tea with honey once this damn weather cools down
Eat a shorter lunch with my work friends so I can take a bit of time each day to go to a quiet room in our building and be alone for a little while
Make time at work each day, no matter how busy the day is, to look over/assess/reassess my to-do list and prioritize big tasks


So what about you all? What do you do or try to do that helps you get through the day with your mental health in tact?

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