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Since Morning After doesn't be seem to be doing a live thread anymore.

I am unhealthy excited for this season. It's been getting a lot of hype. A LOT. I think it might live up to it.

I can't remember a season where the second episode was so intriguing, and the vote out so satisfying. There are some interesting players, the editing/story telling of the conflicts are being well established. And there was a legitimate blindside.


And feather Fabio is gone. Which is great, because he would have torn his tribe apart if he didn't feel he was having genuine enough interactions with people. IT'S SURVIVOR ASSHOLE, AND YOU HAVE CREEPY STALKER EYES.

I swear to god I know oil driller Mike, or he reminds me of someone. I can't figure out how though. I might have my dad watch the show, because I'm pretty sure that's how I know him.

Anyone else watching? Anyone think this might be the best thing since Micronesia?

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