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In the late 70s and 80s I loved Alice. Such fond memories. Kiss My Grits was a great insult. Nobody says it anymore.

I have not seen the reruns since early 90s. My fondest memories are Vera and Mel. Vera though I have been rethinking. She was extremely sweet, naive and very innocent. I had thought decades ago she was learning disabled. She once believed George Burns really was God. He played God in Oh God. Slowly the idea of her being learning disabled went away.

So was she really sweet, naive and very innocent? Lately my thinking is this was either a defense mechanism to potray herself as very nonthreatening and to bring out a protective stance from those around her like Mel and Alice and Flo. Or this was a way to manipulate? If I met a Vera in life I would be completely leery. I have a cousin who comes across like the sister in Glass Menagerie. Vera. was not that different. My cousin it was a way to manipulate.



My wifi has been acting badly. So may not respond or post much for a few days.

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