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Lets tell the story. ETA: SHUT IT DOWN

@ticklefriends Thanks. If you posted it, I'd be happy to update our post with a link to it.

— Adam Weinstein (@AdamWeinstein) December 6, 2013 " />

@AdamWeinstein if you are interested in a time line of when and how everything went down in the beginning, I'd love to help


— Yancy Picklefeather (@ticklefriends) December 6, 2013 " />

Adam is open to us adding a timeline of all the events regarding KillerMartinis posts and the subsequent donations. Has someone made a concise breakdown? Extra points for links.

ETA: NYCyclists got this beat covered. Let's put our energy into promoting her post. My only suggestion is to not come at Adam hot. Besides this article he seems like he does good work and is open to criticism and correction. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt that we would give each other and try to help him make the story better.

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