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Let's think of fun ways to spend my money

I’ve been burning the midnight oil here at work for a while now, so let’s talk about some fun ways I can reward myself for being such a workhorse.

Most of the money is going straight into my emergency fund and a down payment on a car that isn’t 20 years old (possibly even one with working windows!). It isn’t a huge priority, but I need to rebuild my credit back up anyway, so reasonable car loan it is.


I already have more than enough set aside for my tattoo appointments, and I have my birthday spa appointment set up. Luckily it’s a 2 treatments kind of special deal, so it’s not a huge expense.

I also need to save up for clothes that fit, I’m down about 50lbs and really clinging to not having to buy new clothes unless absolutely necessary, especially since it just keeps going down. What else should I treat myself to? A haircut? Am I already treating myself too much? Help, I’m bad at this.

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