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Get hype! Spoilers abound.. though I will try to remain pretty vague unless asked directly in the comments. So be warned!!

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I was on the fence throughout all the announcements, and the fact that I can't place the lead actor at all but he looks so familiar. Then they added my girl Rosario and I got a bit more excited.

It took me three tries to get into the first episode, it's not bad, it's not slow. But you've definitely got to be in the mood to dig into something this gritty. This is NOT Ben Affleck's Daredevil. And thank the heavens for that. I'm going to gloss over some things, a few fight scenes here or there meant to show us how tough Daredevil is and how he fights even though he is blind. No weird rain/sound vision like in the movie.


E1: First and foremost... This is very much a set-up episode. We meet Matt Murdock at his origin story, how he lost his sight. And then swiftly take off to meet Matt of present day. There's a bit of dialogue between him and a priest that sets the tone in a convincing but comic book way.

'Watch out for those Murdock boys... They got the Devil in them.' Matt says this while reflecting on his rough boxer father and perfect catholic grandmother.

We're then shown that there is an influx of crime via trafficking of young girls into the city and shown how Matt Murdock fights. Which is pretty damn awesome. The fight choreography is great, but a little hard to appreciate in a show that is filmed extremely dark.

The theme/intro is awesome. It's done in a very Hannibal like way, where the blood is filling in various forms. And it paints a red version of justice, the city and then the Daredevil himself.

After this and the introduction of Murdock's best friend and partner Fobby, they acquire their legal office and then we start getting into the meat of the story which involves... The lovely Deborah Ann Woll.

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Bloody hands and screaming "I didn't do this!"

I'll let you watch to see what it is she did and what results... but it sets off a chain of events that begin to connect a separate thread that starts in a park across town with a well dressed mob enforcer and a man with a debt and daughter.

There are two points here that are massive info dumps. One where we see how smart Matt is and how his mind works and later the plot info dump via Deborah's character and why people are out to ruin her.

She's set up to be a romantic interest of Matt, it's done in a kind of cute way. Though I'm not totally sold on it.

Everything begins to tie together and we see the beginning of an overarching story about 35 minutes in when there's another info dump from the villain side. "We don't speak his name!" Oooo I wonder who HIM is...

Non Spoiler: It's King Pin.

And it looks like he's doing what Joker did in Dark Knight, unifying the criminals of the city via force or fear or both.

Baby Vamp Jess joins the legal firm with Murdock and Fobby (not his last name, he said it quickly and I didn't bother to catch it since Matt always calls him Fobby).

The last few scenes are a music montage. Money transfers, covert meetings, a woman finds a dead correctional officer in her laundry room, another dead man in a jail cell (all of whom are familiar once you're done with the episode), an asian drug cartel where all the workers are zombies and Matt Murdock punching the living shit out of a punching bag.

It ends with a kidnapping that directly ties into E2.

E2: Much more fast paced.. immediate introduction to Rosario Dawson's Claire.

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We're digging Matt Murdock, still in Daredevil wear (though he doesn't have the red leather) out of a dumpster in what looks like is supposed to be Spanish Harlem. Young teenage boy finds hima nd runs for help which comes in the form of Claire.

I kind of want to call this the Claire episode because she features so heavily in it and Matt spends most of the episode with her. We pick up more or less where we left off with the kidnapping in episode one.

Matt has been beaten up after spending the night fighting the good fight (I say that in my Angel/Joss Whedon voice not in sarcasm).

Clair is some type of medic, and she's trying to fix up a reluctant Matt in her apartment while keeping him hidden from everyone else in her complex.

This is where they start laying ground work for his powers mythos... We flash back to Matty (he's always called Matty in his flashbacks by his father so if you see me call him Matty assume we've jumped back in the 1980s) waking up in his hospital bed hours after the accident that left him blind. He's screaming for his father that he can't see and he's scared.

"'Everything is so loud dad!" Emphasized by the director, things shake around him. It's as if we can see the tiny quakes of sound waves bouncing off the things making the most noise.

We jump back to present beaten-up Matt where we get a bit of an info dump on how Matt ended up in the dumpster.. tracking the missing kid and it leading to a trap. He smells someone coming, from three floors down which astonishes Claire and is just kind of matter of factly stated. He's got the heightened sense, but they are VERY heightened. Without entering X men territory. Safe move Netflix, safe move.

This visitor turns out to be one of the Russian gentleman we've seen since episode one at the kidnapping...

And we then we meet Matt's morality via Claire's morality but we get the "We fight the fights that need fighting and we must be ruthless" talk and flashback which is a bit much, but I'll take it since it's done rather well. The flashbacks seem genuine when they happen, the way the shot fades back and forth between then and now it feels like you're experiencing a memory with Matt.

"Good thing about red, can't see that you're bleeding."
"Who says I get hit."
"We're Murdocks, we always get hit."
"Yeah, I guess we do."
"But we get up, dad? We always get up."

I'm leaving out two things from this episode, the weird date Fobby and Baby Vamp Jess go on... and the ending of Matt's origin mythos with his dad... for some not familiar with Daredevil I'll leave that reveal to you guys.

Moving right along here, Daredevil confronts the Russian who was stalking Claire and Matt and her apartment after knocking him unconscious with a fire extinguisher and dragging his carcus up to the roof.

We learn that this is not your grandmother's comic book hero... TW: TORTURE.

Daredevil is fucking dark, guys.

The torture is for information on the whereabouts of the boy from episode one. Which Daredevil gouges out of the guy... yes, gouges. Before disposing of him.

This peaks with Daredevil finding the boy (with an awesome fight scene) as he remembers how his childhood ended.

I've just started E3 and I am very excited for what's to come after those first two episodes. :]

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