I just need a moment to have a pity party.

My husband and I driving up eight hours to see his family for Thanksgiving. His dad has cancer and is 80, so not going is not really an option. My husband is already pissed that I cut the trip short by two days.

We are doing so with two kids and a dog. There's nothing to do up there. The one event of note is now cancelled because the host is sick. This means Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws apartment, which barely fits two people (but will now have 6 + a dog), and no alcohol.

There's nothing to do up there. Exciting is hitting up the Applebees. For the most part, my husband wants to sit in his parents living room and talk about people I don't know while the forced air gives me nose bleeds.


He wants to do this for four days. He doesn't see why I'm not calling it a vacation.

Kill me now. Or, at the very least, commiserate