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Let's wildly speculate: Valentines Edition

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TW: inane schmoopiness

The fella is acting real coy about next week, and I wanna know what is up his sleeve. I'd be perfectly happy with dinner at home followed by a Netflix and sex, but something tells me he's up to something. Our last text:

Me: Hey are we doing anything valentiney next week?

Him: Maaaaybeeee. Might you be free on Friday?

Me: Perhaps, perhaps.

Mind you, we have spent almost every Friday together since we've met. Last year when we first started dating he Googled my work address and surprised me with a dozen roses and calla lilies, along with dinner where the waitress made foil sculptures for us. We just went to a 20 course dinner last week, which was my belated anniversary present to him. What could he possibly be up to to top that?


Do you have Valentines plans in place? Tell me what you're up to next Friday!

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