As we all count down to Valentine's day, it's time to take account of our romantic pasts - real and fictitious. Personally, I have found my imaginary sex life to be much more random, exciting, and ridiculous than my real one. And dreams are the weirdest of all sexual experiences; they can feel so real even when they include some rather....non-canon pairings, if you will. And the lingering - ah, the lingering, illogical feelings, so unfortunate!

For instance, when I was eleven I had a dream that I had a really intense hug (?!?!?) and then three-second kiss with the evil fiance from Titanic (Billy Zane). Every time I watch that movie, I actually REMEMBER the feel of that hug and get all tingly. Insanity.

So, who have you had sexy times with in a dream that was a bit...random? Also, how long did those feelings linger, because I've been having a really hard time getting in contact with Billy Zane and after 16 years it feels like this might be an unattainable OTP.

ETA - PICTURES ARE ENCOURAGED! Show the world your shameful, subconscious hotties!