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Letters of Recommendation (Grad School)

In a couple of months I will be applying to grad school, and I’m a bit worried about letters of recommendation. Most schools are asking for 3 letters, and that they should be a mix of academic and professional. I’m a bit worried about the academic letters.

I transferred from a community college to a university last August, and I’ll be completing my degree this December. In the time I’ve been at my school, I haven’t formed any real relationships with my professors. A big part of this is that I work, so I’m unable to go to office hours, and many of the classes I have taken are online. I’m also quite socially anxious so I’ve never been one to speak much in class, but I do contribute when I can.

I’m a good student, and I do well in my classes, but I doubt many of my professors would remember me. How well does a professor need to know you for them to write you a letter of recommendation?


Also, I’ve been volunteering with a hospice organization since March, and I’m planning to use them as one of my recommendations. However, the current volunteer director will be retiring this month and I’m not sure if I should use her, or the new director?

Advice is appreciated.

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