Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

LeVar Burton Is Here and Ready to Answer All Your Questions!...as long as they are related to his Kickstarter

In case you missed it, LeVar Burton was on the mainpage doing a little Q&A. It came and went pretty quick and by my count he only answered about 10-12 posters. That's fine i'm sure he's a busy man. But the ones he answered were mainly ones either dealing with Reading Rainbow or the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter. I mean, i get it. He's promoting a product. I wish they had just said that from the beginning because it was pretty obvious what was going on. Don't pretend this is going to be an open q&A when in reality it's just a plug to get money for a product, which is what this is. And no, i'm not saying LeVar Burton owes me anything, so if that's what you're typing can it. I just wished they had been honest and say that he was only answering RR related question to promote the Kickstarter because at least that would have been honest since that's pretty much what went down.


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