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Levels of Exhaustion

 Over the last year or so I have grown intimately familiar with the many layers of exhaustion a person can experience. They are not unlike onions or matryoshka dolls in the sense that having peeled your way through one layer of exhaustion, you find yourself in a new and fascinating layer altogether. I have put together a list of some of these. This list is not at all comprehensive, there are many more than.

1. TV zombie tired = This is, I believe, one of the more common types of exhaustion. A person suffering from this level of exhaustion may find themselves laying on the couch/in bed for hours, staring at moving pictures on a screen with only the vaguest understanding, or indeed care, for what is portrayed on it.


2. Hyperactive exhaustion = A kind of exhaustion where the body, out of a sense of absolute desperation, produces such a hyperactive state that the person experiencing it may find it difficult to sit still. Only to come out the other end of the hyperactive episode more exhausted than ever before, only to be cured by an immediate nap.

3. Giggle tired = Similar to Hyperactive exhaustion, the person suffering from this type of tired state may find themselves in giggle or laughing fits for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Without clear indication why any proper sense of humor is replaced by an all-encompassing need to laugh. This feeling may be induced by funny words, pictures, gifs or indeed, real life events. The best cure is to give into the giggles and enjoy it while it lasts.

4. Read exhaustion = In some cases a person my find themselves too tired for the sensory overwhelming experience of moving pictures on a screen and might consider reading a logical alternative. The act of staring at abstract symbols on a page may feel like a calming and relaxing experience. The act of trying to turn those symbols into words, string those words into sentences and then somehow comprehending the meaning of those sentences is an act of such overwhelming effort that even reading can proof to be too much.


5. Vertigo tired = In which the person may nearly go teetering over by the act of opening the door on their way to stumbling to the toilet.


 What types of exhaustion do yóú know?

Brought to you for your entertainment by Boobiechick who is so tired that she keeps thinking in the way the writer in the book she’s currently reading writes.


Unrelated: I love that one of the few things I felt was important enough to back up into the cloud while I was moving from laptop to laptop was my folder of gifs #priorities 😁

PS: Whoa I just realised that trivial pursuit actually means ‘unimportant pursuit’ and here I always thought it took itself pretty seriously.

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