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LGBT People in DAESH's hands (TW; violence)

This is a very hard read, and I wrestled about posting it, but I think it’s a very important issue, and brings into focus some of the concerns a number of people have had with regard to not granting single men refugee status if they are on the run from DAESH. This is from the Toronto Star and talks about the execution of gay men who fall into DAESH’s hands.

I’m going to try to post a link to an unrelated article (mine), because the lead image in the article is unsettling. Which didn’t work. Damn.


ETA; from commenter Jessica (KapaiGirl) Hammond;

Guys if you want to do something to help - maybe not these guys directly, but others in similar situations in Nigeria for instance, you can look at my brother’s project “Where Love is Illegal” - they get money to on-the-ground organisations in countries where LGBTQI people need help and can’t legally fundraise.


(And no, my brother doesn’t get any money out of this)

Here’s the link;


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