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I don’t know if what happened at Toronto Pride last weekend was covered here, but a lot of big stuff went down. The Prime Minister marched in the parade, Black Lives Matter shut the parade down for half an hour until the executive director of Pride agreed to a list of demands (only to have him backpedal later.). So anyways, this particular tidbit from the parade missed my notice before now.

I wrote earlier about how all the candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada were marching in the parade. I only just now realized that this was how they chose to march.


LGBTory? Really? They decided it would be fun to erase Trans people in favour of Tory? I get that you guys only decided to go LGBTQ friendly recently, voting to drop your opposition to gay marriage at your spring policy conference, but maybe you should have run that idea across a few more people before purchasing that URL?

The guy on the right hand side of the banner is my MP Michael Chong. Think I will have to send him an email.

Guy in the middle of the banner is the Patrick Brown, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, who it is said did a deal with the Pro-Life movement in order to win the leadership of the party. Bet they are just thrilled with him right now.

The woman to the left of Brown is Rona Ambrose, the interim leader of Conservative Party of Canada.


Notice the placard that says “Because it’s the current year.” Um, pretty sure that it was “the current year” last year when the parade was going on. What a ridiculous slogan.

Way to go, guys. You marched in the gay pride parade, pissing off the right wing of your party, but did it in such a way to show the LGTBQ communities of the city how clueless you are.

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