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LGBTQ+ progress rollbacks

I posted this over in a comment on a post on the census on the Root. I am posting my comment below because I find this all terrifying. More terrifying is that it is being done piecemeal and no one in the mainstream media is really putting it all together - he is going back on promises to be LGBTQ+ friendly (which, to be fair, most of us didn’t believe anyway) and is going after any and all progress that has been made.

From my comment:

This is part of a larger push to cease asking about LGBTQ+ people in surveys (see links below). This also comes on the heels of other very troubling actions that are horrible for LGBTQ+ people (see below). I’d really like to see broader coverage of all of these actions together to really demonstrate that they are going after LGBTQ+ people right now.


Removing LGBTQ+ questions in other surveys

Other actions


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