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LGBTQ+ Twitter activists assemble!

Okay, so I have literally tweeted twice in my life, but I hear you crazy GTers are Twitter masters. Here’s the situation. BrainPop is a well-known website that has short animated educational videos designed to be used in K-8 lessons. Topics range from grammar rules to scientific inventions to long division to historic events. Most educators I know have a classroom or school subscription. Recently, Mr. Dix’s elementary school students discovered that there are no LGBTQ history or LGBTQ civil rights videos on the site, despite lots of videos about women’s rights, racial justice, immigration, students’ rights, and general civil and political rights. They contacted BrainPop who is basically giving them the run-around and shrugging them off, saying that it is not in the state standards (it is in at least 4 states!) and that there is not enough interest (oh, how little they know). BrainPop thinks they can ignore young activists, but they are wrong!

Here’s where you come in. BrainPop is having a twitter chat (again, WTF is this, but whatever) right now. Help me out by tweeting/hashtagging/whatever #BPopchat asking why their site is refusing to post LGBTQ content and letting them know that it matters to you. Educators especially welcome to join in!


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