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Librarian Jezzies, Venture Bros. Recap, and One More Ramble

Ok, so I woke up hella early today, and I have some questions for any librarians, a Venture Bros. Recap, and how my dad is the best.

First, a little song from my favorite musical about a man who comes to town and falls in love with a librarian:

To all my librarian Jezzies:

I want to be a librarian. Archivist, to be more exact. I used to want to be a bunch of other stuff-producer, professor, author (actually, still want to be an author-chime in my literary Jezzies!). But I realized that my calling is to work in the field of library sciences. So, what do you librarians think about your job? Are there any archivists out there? What is the best part about working in this field? After graduation, I'm taking a year or so off and going to Europe and, hopefully, getting a job at a famous, but a bit conservative, think tank. My academic plan is to get my masters (either at my current school, UC Berkeley, or UT Austin. Basically wherever I get in). After that, I'm planning on trying to find an archival job, or becoming a regular librarian. I want to follow in the footsteps of my mentor-without the CIA stuff. Being a 'Company gal' would be cool, but not my scene.


Now on to Venture Bros. Spoilers Ahead. Also Out of Order:

So, Sunday nights episode was completely different from last weeks, but it was like-it gave me all the feels. Hank helps set The Action Man with Billy's Mom (P.S.-I love you Doc and Jackson, for the constant David Bowie references). Dean comes clean to Hank about being clones. And Hank is stoked about it (because being a Highlander is cool), and makes Dean more comfortable with the idea. Doc is 'tortured' by The Monarch. If he doesn't play along, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch goes all I-will-fuck-your-shit-up on him. Gotta love that woman. But in the end, The Monarch lets him go, and looks at the picture of him playing with Rusty he found. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS! Also Gary goes back to The Monarch, after teaming up (and emotionally fucking up) Sargent Hatred. In the end, The Monarch family moves to The Monarchs' childhood home. IS THIS A CLUE? Also there's Corneal Gentleman, who is obsessed with Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. And also the ant dude died. Sorry if this was out of order, but whatever. Best line of the show: Monarch to Gary (21): "Who the fuck is Gary?". Guess that he never learned his best henchman's name. Poor Gary. I love him. Should I do weekly recaps?

Illustration for article titled Librarian Jezzies, Venture Bros. Recap, and One More Ramble

The Monarch and Doc having a moment

So, what did you guys think? I'm going to guess that by the end of the season The Monarch and Doc will reconcile. And I hope that Brock, Hunter, and O.S.I. show up. I miss them-yeah they had a few episodes, but I need my fix. I need a friend like Shoreleave as well.


Last off topic ramble, I swear:

My dad sent me a copy of On the road with the Hells Angels. I love my dad.

Sorry if everything is misspelled and makes no sense. Woke up at 4am.

Edit: Holy spit! Wow, you librarian/archivist/willing to help me out Jezzies are awesome. I love GT for this reason-So much support. Thanks again, the encouragement is so great, and the experiences are awesome to hear. :D


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