Mr Simon and I have completed our first year of homeownership. Huzzah! But we still have piles of boxes everywhere. Boohiss!

We don't have a garage nor a basement. Our utility room has some storage in it, but mostly for cleaning and laundry-related tools. There are piles of boxes everywhere and I'm starting to get tired of it. The big problem? We have next to no furniture. Oh, sure, we have a bedroom set (so our clothes aren't in boxes, anyway) and we have a couch. But we have one bookcase, and stacks of boxes of books. I'm feeling stuck because I have nowhere to put the things I want to unpack.

I know there's a lot of stuff that can be gotten rid of, too. I have boxes of stuffed animals that I'm going to wash (if needed) and donate to local women's shelters, for example. Clothes I haven't worn in years that can go to Goodwill.

Adding to the hair up my ass is my desire to set up the digital piano I bought last week - on a wall covered in boxes.

I'm probably going to visit a local woodworker and see if he can make me some custom pieces. I'm sick of buying disposable furniture. If I didn't refuse to buy IKEA, hubby would. So no "Enjoy your affordable Swedish crap" for us!


But I still have to figure out what to do with this pile of boxes. Here's our friend's daughter Maya being adorable in front of the pile I want to replace with the piano.