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Life changing decisions.

I've made a fair few big decisions in my life.

Moving to Australia 3 months ago was definitely one. And one of the few that didn't involve a boy. I was proud of myself for choosing to come here. For getting a job and for finding a flat and doing it alone. I'm a little bit disillusioned with it, but it was the right thing to do at the time.

And then, two months ago, I met Tex. He barreled into my life and my heart and I had no idea what was happening. I can't think of a 24 hour period that has passed without us seeing each other at least briefly. We are honest and communicative (to a fault actually) and intense and we are really good friends.


We had our first fight on Friday night We were both drunk, and all of our emotions came pouring out and it was scary. We mentioned the "L" word (love, not the Lesbian TV drama) and it was all out there. How scared we are, how much we've been hurt in the past.

Last night, we talked about all the things that were said in a very calm and healthy way. He (sober) looked me in the eye and told me that he loved me. And then he said he wanted me to go with him when he leaves the country in 8 months.

I think I want to do it.

Is that crazy? Am I crazy? I realise I don't need to decide right now, but the fact that I wasn't immediately like "NOPE, GTFO", that's a huge deal. I want to stop pretending that working in finance is right for me. I want to discover new places and have adventures with this amazing, intense man who sees right into my deepest darkest corners and doesn't look away.


Have you ever done anything crazy? Tell me about your leaps of faith and gut instinct decisions. Help me get my head around this!!!

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