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A few days back, I commented on the food post about how I am pretty much living on $20 until the 13th. So far everything is ok; I have half a tank of gas and an emergency can I filled when I had money. I am living on a steady diet of black beans, rice, eggs, and ramen - but in creative ways. I had to split my grocery bill on two cards, which meant sneaking $0.08 out of my HSA in order to eat, but it's a very small price to pay. Thank goodness I know how to MacGyver my way around a kitchen!

Since then, I've done my taxes and am expecting a return about the size of a regular paycheck. And yesterday I got a survey request from a study I was a part of nearly a decade ago, asking for an update in exchange for a $50 Target gift card. They also included a $2 bill as a small token of appreciation for being part of the study and filling out the survey. Not to mention the freebie that Lelo sent me for a review.

Being temporarily broke sucks, but I always figure stuff will balance out in the end. It's good to know for sure that this time it will.


Anyone else have some stories to tell of life equalizing itself out?

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