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Welcome To The Bitchery

Life Observations, or...

I’ve been drinking at the bar?

Speaking of the bar, that brings me to observation 1.

Observation 1: There’s a Mexican restaurant in the small town I live in. I’m a regular there, they know me, my order(s), I talk with them about their lives, etc. One of the waitresses disappeared a while ago and suddenly reappeared! I was happy to see her again and had the impulse to give her a hug when I walked in and saw her. I felt like she was going to do the same, but then turned and didn’t. Which, cool. I’m a customer, she waits on me. I get it. But it made me think about the fact that there are people in our lives we see daily and may become attached, but it’s still a transient relationship. That kind of makes me sad? Like, why can’t I have personal and professional relationships with people? Why can’t we hug? This theme also came up for me a few months ago when one of my favorite baristas in town took his own life. It was different, but in the same vein.


Observation 2: I hang out on Reddit sometimes, and thanks to OmarGone (haven’t seen them in a while—where’d you go?!), got hooked on reddit relationships. My profile was something definitely feminine. Like...Patricia_Lady, or something like that. I felt like a lot of my reasonable responses were getting arguments, so for fun, I created a new profile. Like, Patrick_Dude. Something masculine. As Patrick_Dude, I don’t talk about my experiences having sex as a straight woman, but other than that, same commenter, same topics.

Guess what? I know this will surprise many of you /s, but as a masculine handle, I have more upvotes/comment than I ever did as a woman. It’s a HUGE different, FWIW. I mean, there probably are some variables, but I literally haven’t changed my behavior, my opinions, perspective, etc.


So whatever. Fuck you, Reddit. You’re sexist, but I just can’t break myself from the reddit relationship drama. AAARRRGH.

Observation 3: I had a really great one. No, seriously! In the car, I thought of something awesome and wanted to share it here. But...car...internet...commenting...generally a bad idea. So I guess I’ll close with I’m pretty happy with my life. :)


And I just wanted to say, Thank You for this cool online community!


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