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This post is brought to you by coincidences.

Years ago, I spent a lot of time on /b/. I know, I know. One day there was a thread where all you did was post your MSN address and people would add you and you could have random conversations with people. I was bored, so I did it. I made a friend that I'll call Steve; he was one of the only friends that stuck from the few times I did that.

I kept talking to Steve, playing MMOs with him, generally just hanging out and being online friends. He used to talk about WoW a lot, and I was a high school kid with no money while he was a young college kid with a job so he had two accounts. He lent me one of the accounts and I had a good old time playing WoW with him for a while, before I quit.


A few months after I quit, I started college. I went to the first meeting of Japan Club, and met a woman wearing a WoW hoodie. I complimented her on it and she and her fiance (who was the person that actually owned the hoodie) began to talk to me. The whole point of me joining this club was because I wanted people to watch anime with and there wasn't an official anime club, so when I saw those two off to the side talking about anime and signing a sheet of paper with a third person, after talking to them for a bit I was comfortable enough to butt my way in and sign up myself for the unofficial anime club.

In that unofficial club, I met Boyrax on the first meeting and we were dating within the week. Tracing it back, if I had never talked to those people, I wouldn't have joined the club. If I had never played WoW, I never would have talked to those people. If I had never met Steve, I wouldn't have ever played WoW. If I hadn't posted my MSN address on that particular thread at that particular time on that particular site, I probably would never have met Boyrax.

The kicker? After all these years, my life has been so strongly influenced by a person that I've not yet met in person. Funny how these things work.

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