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Life’s Biggest Question: Is Mark Zuckerberg A Lizard: Nope Not Even Close

Nope. Sorry this is not even remotely a life’s biggest question. Life’s dumbest question ok I can see that.

I admit this is the first I heard of this. Not sure why I subscribe to this channel. Although today’s What if Kraken Exist Was Real it was interesting. Not something I thought about.


I have thought of Zuckerberg to be a punk, rich punk, greedy, selfish. Never lizard. Also by saying he may be a lizard you are excusing him from blame. A human is responsible.

Why is this even a question let alone one of life’s biggest?

A music video first Listen from movie Dreamgirls by Brittany J Smith the Zuckerberg picture is just too creepy for main page. Smith is an excellent YouTube singer.

I am thinking of unsubscribing from this channel since they sometimes have dumb questions not important questions.


Lizard folk, ghosts and demons do not exist. What you see on YouTube while entertaining is often not true or remotely true.

The kraken video in case you are curious.

Of course an important Life’s Biggest Question would be why do I bother watching YouTube? Music videos are good but the rest often I wonder why do I watch. I do love Azzyland and Britty44 whose videos I never miss.

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