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Life sucks significantly less than it did before yay!

So... the last few weeks of my life have been busy and stressful and exhausting and full of work and hellish apartment hunting... HOWEVER, TODAY IS A FAR BETTER DAY. I've finally found a lovely apartment and our application was approved! We sign the lease tomorrow morning! We've even found a third roommate to fill the extra room so APARTMENT HUNT STRESS NEARLY OVER! PSF's love life is significantly less pathetic than usual. Someone (arguably) semi-famous bought something from my Etsy shop today so now I'm famous by extension (and more importantly, I actually made some dollars from my Etsy shop). AND I HAVE SOME TASTY WINE.

So... have any of you had awesome days? Tell me about them! Also, CELEBRATION THRUSTING GIFS, LETS SEE 'EM!


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