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I thought it was about time for another OT for today. How are things for you?

Since I hadn’t shared any awkward medical issues from my life recently, I thought I’d give a little update! Because who doesn’t like vagina related things! So I’m rounding that corner where 30 is popping up. Having a far younger boyfriend and outer facade, I usually go through life as a respectable 24/25 year old (by other people’s guesstimations). Oddly this age difference has never created an issue, (I’m a bit more of a chaotic idiot than he is, he is the responsible one of the two of us in many things). And although we do talk about how that’s an odd thing to realise at times, I can often forget about my nearing the next decade of my life.

But our health system is all:

Hiiiii almost 30 year old!

So turns out, in our country from 30 year on you have to get tested for possible uterine cancer every 5 years. My literal face when I saw this mail. 😐

So this morning I’m casually hanging out in the stirrups. As one does. Then the doc (A girl younger than me who was walking around in track pants, I swear) goes “um.. could you wait in the waiting for a bit? I need to discuss something with my colleague..”


Turns out she can’t find the little stringy things of my IUD. Hah.. Haha!.. Hah.. 😐
I’m going to go get an echo at the Gynaecologist after I’ve picked up the paperwork at the doc’s office. So that was MY morning. How’s yours?

Sidenote: Oh remember how I went to the doc months ago because of tummy pain? And he said I just needed to poop better? And never researched my IUD because there was no point because I wouldn’t ever have no pain if that was the case?


Sidenote 2: Also do I need to start wearing condoms until this is sorted? Also why did the doc go “You haven’t had a lot of unexpected periods right?.. well... it’s probably fine then but.. lets just check..”. I’m not preggers AM I? Heh. Probably not.. hahaha. Hah.


ETA: Boobieguy came home (my roommate is out of town so he’s staying at my house for a few days) with the words “You had such a rough day, I thought these might cheer you up!”

I swear to god you guys.. This guy.. <3

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