I called the doctor, since you guys were rather adamant about it ; )

I'm glad I did, I had an appointment this morning (thank you cancellations!) She scolded me for not going to the ER last night, but she thinks I'm fine, since my movements, while slow and rickety, aren't overly limited. She sent me for an X-ray, so I'm hoping that comes back before the weekend.

Also also, I have a phone call in with three therapists that are accepting new patients, hoping to find a replacement. One of them is a little old man, who I don't want to get involved with, as I don't want someone close to retirement. Yes, I'm being slightest ageist, no I don't care in this particular instance. Second one is the one I'm hoping for, younger woman who specializes in depression and women. Which I think sounds phenomenal! Third one I don't know much about, but she's closer to my house than the other two. So I'm hoping for good things on the mental end as well.