Work is going well except for the meetings I have to have with a sales guy who’s a complete douche-canoe. I have a crush on a co-worker and had drinks with him tonight. I keep it platonic and fine, but I also have to remind myself that I have an awesome boyfriend.

Speaking of boyfriend, he’s awesome and we had amazing, hours-long sex a week ago. I’m hoping for a repeat soon.

I’m going on a week-long camping trip, alone, starting Saturday and ending Friday when I land in Breckenridge for a girls’ weekend. Then back to work on the 14th.

My sister in law and two nieces (3 months and 4.5 years) have returned to Chicago with my mother after being here for 2.5 weeks.

There’s a neighborhood girl I think is being neglected. My neighbor and I are talking; I’m pushing her towards reporting to CPS. If she doesn’t, I may on my own, but my personal observations are more limited than hers, which is why I want her to be part of reporting.

I’m smoking a bowl tonight because I can because the kids and SiL are gone. The cat is so happy they’re gone. She hates children, apparently.


It is lightning and thundering right now and I’m sitting in the back yard. There’s a windchime *tinging* softly, and it’s literally the calm before the storm. I love it.

What are the updates in y’alls lives?

(UPDATE: It’s raining. I really want to stay outside, but I also really want to stay on my laptop.)


(UPDATE2: I found a WHOLE snickers in the house! We NEVER have that stuff in the house. My SiL bought it while she was here, a pack of 6, and there was ONE left! And I ate it! I haven’t had a whole snickers since I was 22, probably. Mmmm...