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Give me your Lifehacking tips!

I’m home sick and I’ve finished Lifehacker. I found this article about how much you should spend on housing interesting, especially since the cost of living in my area is pretty high (Central NJ anyone). Anyway, anyone know any similar sites to waste my day on?

Things that I’ve lifehacked recently:

1) My eyebrows. I have thin light brown hair that bleaches out, which means my eyebrows are always the same color as my skin. XoVain had an article about dying your brows recently, and I used JustForMen beard dye (dark blond to light brown) to great effect. I can see them now and I like how it’s changed my face. I can also re-use this stuff for a long time coming. Buying products marketed to men is also a small lifehack in its own. It’s usually cheaper.


2) Fail = hair gloss. I did a hair gloss treatment and my hair doesn’t look that much glossier. I can achieve the same effect by adding a splash of jojoba oil to my conditioner.

3) Foreign markets. I’ve saved a ton on groceries lately by going to the Asian and Polish markets in my area. Yes.... borscht soup and cheap bags of bok choi.

4) I spend a lot of time commuting and driving (like I said, central NJ), so I rented a carpet steam vac from the grocery store and cleaned out my car. It is glorious to step into now.

What have you lifehacked??

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