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Buzzfeed article making the rounds highlights this great tag going around (#lifeofamuslimfeminist). They're all kinda awesome, but the one I most dig is:

'cause it so very much calls out tokenism. Like there does sometimes seem to be this sorta trend to almost inordinately fawn over a person from a marginalized group when they happen to be spearheading a "liberal" cause to almost make up for the fact that said person is from a marginalized group. This sorta weird tokenization also shows up in culture tourism pieces ala the NYT's reporting on hasidim (which is sometimes almost fetishistic) or tv shows like Drag Race. And it's like totally and completely derailing.


Lets be clear here, it's cool to think Malala is awesome, 'cause well she is. But I sometimes think that she's being propped up as a sophisticated progressive thinker precisely so that she can be used as a diversion from actually talking about Muslim issues. Basically, lets prop up the super shiny token 'cause tokens are easy and don't really bring judgement along with them, 'cause real discussion of marginalized groups? Well, that's when all these ugly prejudices come out, and nobody wants to see that, or talk about it...

So, like the tweet says, if you're gonna love the symbol, you should show some solidarity with the cause.

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