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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Life's Simple Pleasures Are The Best/TGIF GT OT

I’m not sure how this is going to display so my apologies in advance.

Yesterday my husband got a text from our favorite neighborhood Chinese place that they had reopened. Yes, reader, last night we had pickup takeout for the first time in many weeks.


To compound my joy this place seems to have changed their staff or recipes or something. I like spicy food but this place had adapted to the American palate so even if you asked for extra spicy that would just mean a couple of red chilis thrown in. The garlic chicken I got last night was incredibly delicious. Cleared my sinuses after the first bite. I actually had to add some peanuts and soy sauce to calm it down.

So, are any of you doing simple, satisfying things? I know there are a lot of gardeners on GT, how is the planting going? Any new hobbies? Unexpectedly pleasurable show/movies/books?

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