Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It's a little thing, but I've been sick for about a week and finally dragged my ass to my MD. He is a great person and is the first MD I've had who is actually concerned with wellness.

It's some kind of respiratory thing and he said a ton of people were in with it. When he asked my symptoms, I listed them. When he asked "are you wheezing?" a crazy feeling of shame washed over me and I said, "well, a little." He says, "I kinda need to know that" and changed his instructions.


I realized that, even though I've had asthma almost since I could walk, a while ago I stopped mentioning wheezing to MDs because I've had the spoken and unspoken "if you weren't fat, you wouldn't wheeze" as well as MDs disbelieve me when I said how much I exercise. So even though I know he would never have that reaction, I haven't been exercising recently and so felt ashamed that I am wheezing because I'm sick, that I could barely answer his questions.

tl;dr MDs are fucked up and they fuck you up.

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