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Light complaints?

Is there a thing where you can call the city and report a neighbor whose lights are too bright, like you can with a neighbor whose noise is too loud? I live in a residential neighborhood next to a shitty hotel that is basically a hostel and they installed TONS of lights, including flood lights on trees on the sidewalk. Flood lights that go directly into my bedroom and the neighbors on both sides. Today they put up MORE lights and it’s killing me. Even light blocking curtains can’t keep it all out.

I feel like this is not okay for them to do but I don’t want to contact them directly because they owner is that good old southern boy type that’s real friendly right until you cross him and then he turns on a dime to spitting mean and well, I have to live here. There are enough neighbors a complaint would be anonymous but I can’t figure out if it’s a thing or who to call. “Light complaint” is not a helpful google term and i wouldn’t know where to start wading through city ordinances because I don’t know what it would be called!



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