Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Let me start off by apologizing for not being around much. Honestly, I’ve been avoiding you guys for the past. . . more than a year. . .because there’s a thing that I’d normally love to talk to you about, but, like, not on the Internet. Life moves on and I’m doing okay (and the thing wasn’t exactly a direct me thing anyway. I can feel your worry, and while I appreciate it, I’m really okay.). But there’s a really important thing that I’m doing with some friends that I want to tell you about.

When I got the news of my brother’s suicide, I was wrapping up a music video for Eli August. I literally stepped away from editing it to answer the phone. Eli and I are friends now, but that was only our second video together, so we were just starting to straddle that fence between friends and collaborators. When I called him to apologize that we were close to finished, but I no longer had any idea when I could finish the video, he was incredibly gracious about this sudden downtime. And he used it to write a song about it. The song is called Light In This Life, and it’s finished and it’s lovely. Eli has always been a great songwriter for hitting that itty bitty spot where you feel like your sadness/anger/resentment is acknowledged and letting you come out of that uplifted or at least soothed. YMMV, of course, music is a subjective thing.


For the video, we’ve been soliciting video clips from other survivors and loss survivors (I am, personally, both kinds, if that hasn’t been apparent in previous entries.), and I thought that some of you might be interested in participating. Guidelines and an overview of the tone we’re trying to strike can be found at this incredibly unwieldy URL for Google Doc. I assure you your cell phone is probably fine. We’ve also tried to include lots and lots of options to keep your identity private and to allow for participation in solidarity from non-survivors.

I’m happy to answer questions either here or via e-mail (TheNerdyDuo at gmail). For those of you who would like to talk privately, but might be uncomfortable with The Nerdy Mr reading your communique, you can reach me at TheNerdyMrs at gmail. I am, of course, happy to arrange encrypted communication for anyone who needs it.

Update 8/29 4:34 PM: Here is the Soundcloud Link to the Song:

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