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I love them. It doesn't help me a lot in this case, haha, but I love them.

I just realized why I have such a hard time with reconstructive feminism. (Also, the spelling of feminism. I like to put an extra 'i-n' in there.)

I didn't come to know much of anything about feminism until a little more than 5 years ago. As a result of that, when I hear the term 'reconstructive feminism' I think, 'But isn't that what feminism is right now?'


I suppose I need to start to qualify types of feminism to help me really cement the different types. I get them very mixed up most of the time. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wave had topics they for the most part concentrated on, right? But it seems like that Feminism's current version is like a constantly updating app. People have Feminism v.1 and then can update as they show choose. Some people like version 5.0 while others prefer version 3.0. Some people agree with version 3.0 but they really like 3.0.2.

Does that make sense? I'm really really tired, and it's grey outside, and I'm on ritalin, and I have a paper to write for a professor that I don't care for.

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