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Welcome To The Bitchery

Did anyone go tonight? I went for an hour to the NYC one. It was super crowded so after like 40 mins I just walked around the less packed parts of the crowd and looked at signs and at people. The weather was perfect and it was really nice (albeit a bit religious for my tastes- but I think part of the point was to call out the hypocrisy of the religious right).

On the way home I was thinking about the Handmaid’s tale. Spoilers if you haven’t watched this season yet (I started watching it this week thinking it was all over - but it is not!).

In Season 3, ep 1 there’s a scene where a handmaiden makes it to Canada and she is asked by a border guard if she is seeking asylum. An ambulance is called for her and she is taken in, given healthcare, applauded for her courage, given housing, etc. I sobbed. We are a horrible country for what we are doing to migrants.


I have a sinking feeling this ex-handmaiden (Emily, played exceptionally by Alexis Bledel) is going to either be threatened with deportation back to Gilead or will actually be deported - and I think I will be done. I think I am a little done anyway - I expected this season to be far more about the resistance - but there are too many kids in jeopardy for my current level of angst over what we are doing in this country. And it truly is beginning to feel like feminist torture porn.

At any rate - the reason why Emily might get deported is that she is considered to be an escaped murderer per Gilead. She killed a guard when she was trying to escape and stabbed Aunt Lydia and pushed her down some stairs. She also killed a wife when she was in the colonies.

I was thinking that all of that was either self-defense or she was driven to it by the horrificness of her culture. Gilead kills a shirt ton of people every single forking day - they torture people physically and psychologically, they rape women constantly, they hold women against their wills, kidnapped children, etc. But it is okay for them because they are the State - and they have the right to do so.

The parallels to our culture - and not just to our culture under Trump - are just continually horrific. I saw Margaret Atwood speak recently - I wish I had gotten up the courage to get her to talk about the sociopolitical parallels.


I keep being reminded of a dream I had before Trump announced. I was on a train with a close friend. We were in identical school girl outfits with knee socks. We were looking at our socks and talking about how the world shifted so incrementally we didn’t even notice that we were losing rights and that it all led to our current dystopia. It just seemed so tiny and mostly annoying at the time we lost each right. We had no idea that is where we were going to end up (with no rights whatsoever).

After I woke up, I decided to read A Handmaid’s Tale, which I hadn’t read since undergrad (we read it in Humanities, of all places).


Anyway - talk about Lights for liberty, immigration, ICE, the camps, asylum seekers, Trump, dystopia, the handmaid’s tale.  Whatever - it’s all related.

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