from this shitty craft fair that takes here every year.

The second or third Saturday in September is always the date of this giant craft fair here in town. I go every year, including today, and I don't know why I still venture to it. I've been going for so long I've started to recognize some of the vendors. Most of the stuff isn't that great. I mean, how many booths do we need for people selling glass bead jewelry that looks like crap and the supplies for which probably came from Wal-Mart, or at best, Michael's? There are a few genuine craftspeople there, but otherwise a lot of what's for sale is unoriginal and wildly overpriced. I have a sinking feeling almost everything is designed to appeal to the college parents who descend upon the town for family weekend, which is the same time as the craft fair. In the last few years, I've thought about signing up to sell, but the registration fee is about $80, and I'm not sure there is anything I make that I could sell enough of to make back the fee, plus supply costs and my time. I guess I still go every year in the vague hope there is something cool and new to look at, but so far I've been proven wrong.