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Likely a stupid question (making phone calls with computer)

I dropped my iphone in a toilet yesterday, and it’s my only phone (except for my phone at work; and despite the fact that comcast convinced me to do triple play because it is “cheaper” and I am paying for a phone thru them, which they claim I need to use my iphone for).

I have a couple of conference calls on Sunday and would prefer to not have to go into work to do them (and actually, I might not be able to get into my building on a sunday) if my phone isn’t all healed by then. Anyone have any ideas on how I can use my computer (or wifi ipad) to call (for free?)? I can’t use facetime because it requires your phone and computer both be on. I think skype can only be used for other skypers (right?). I think I tried google voice once, and don’t remember it working for me, but can try again. Any other ideas? Thank you in advance!!


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