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Lil Guy is One!

Illustration for article titled Lil Guy is One!
Illustration for article titled Lil Guy is One!
Illustration for article titled Lil Guy is One!

Yikes! How did a year go by already? My lil man is walking around and trying to say stuff, playing with other lil guys and gals. It's so insane. When he was a newborn everyone told me "it goes by so fast". My thoughts were always yeah ok, sure. But.. They were right. He needs me to hold his hand not his head now, and can (sometimes) feed himself. The changes are so cool to watch.
We had his birthday party on Sunday, pure chaos. We had over 90 people at a fish and game club hall we rented near our house. The theme was cowboy, all the kids got stick on moustaches and cowboy hats (thank you dollar store!) and their goodie bags were bandanas filled with candy and sheriff badges and a whoopie cushion. So fun!
We also had a woman come to do an animal demonstration. We got to choose 6 animals and had the tortoise, armadillo, skunk, bat, alligator and a ferret. The kids loved it, and I may have been a lil excited myself haha!
Lil guy really went to town on his smash cake, I definitely cleaned frosting out of his ears. So fun!
One awkward moment after it all- one of our friends told Big Guy "you'll definitely be able to tell which gift is ours", but there isn't one? This isn't a "I can't believe they didnt bring a present" jerk complaint, it's a "oh shit did we lose something on the way home?" issue. The party was to have everyone we love together and celebrate, it wasn't a gift grab- but there is no way to ask what they brought without sounding completely crass. I'm going to call the hall and see if maybe something was left behind. I feel like such an ass, but it did get pretty chaotic!
Today we are keeping things low key, went to a library group, running a few errands out in the sunshine (hooray!) and letting him have the rest of his cake with dinner.
I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

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