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Welcome To The Bitchery
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L'il UrbanAchiever on her way

I just have to say, my kid is coming home for a week from college. She doesn't go to school in this country, so we don't see her very often. And this mom is pretty excited. So just thought I'd say, I don't care what this weekend brings - and I know it will bring a lot of dirty laundry! - I am one happy parent unit.


Update: Thanks for all the good wishes!

L'il UrbanAchiever has landed!

On the negative side, she seems to have a touch of the flu that is just rearing its head (all the stress of essays, probably).


On the positive side, she is so pretty and wonderful and sweet and smart and delightful and if she's a little sick I can mommy her more than usual and make her soup and bake her cookies and comb her hair and gaze at her in abject maternal adoration and she might not even get annoyed.

At least, not at first.

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