Is it okay to put a time limit on how long you can be angry before you have to make-up or discuss the issue?

Last night, I apparently ruined my fiance's enjoyment of the USA-Belgium match. He was watching it taped, and I knew what happened. Apparently I gave it away early on by asking "how long will this last?" and not being excited to watch it. Then, 20 seconds from the end of the first 15 minutes of extra time, I said, "they don't make a comeback, can we turn this?" I thought there were 20 seconds left in the entire match, but apparently there was another 15 minute session left. Oops, my bad; I'm dumb!

Despite my apologies and attempts at loving and cuddling, he was angry all night long. Didn't want to be in the same room with me, pushed away my cuddles, didn't snuggle me when he came to bed. By the time he was ready to be lovey this morning, *I* was mad and thought I was owed an apology for getting so much anger over a mistake.

So, do people get to be angry for as long as they want with impunity? Or is it reasonable to say, "Go be angry for 30 minutes, but then we need to talk about this?"

ETA: I agree that you can't make someone stop being angry. But, to me, it becomes a type of stonewalling or silent treatment to insist on being by yourself and not talking to someone for 12 hours. When I'm angry, I talk it out (probably to death), but that at least allows the other person a place in helping explain themselves and resolve any misunderstandings etc.