Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Dear SoCal GroupThinkers,

I am in Orange County and we do not have rehearsal on Friday. I do not have access to a car; the person who has been shuttling me around has plans South of here. I could spend it practicing (read: boozing) with the other American musicians, but that is just one option among many. (If you aren't free Friday, we have that concert thingie Saturday night. I might need to make nice with the employers? But the more the merrier!)

I am amenable to most activities, give or take the ones that end with me broke or dead. (I will warn you that if you kidnap or axe-murder me, the group that flew me out here will want reimbursement for an emergency replacement flutist and also the cost of my hotel room. Flutists are not cheap. Please plan accordingly. Any legal fees or penalties are all on you, as I will be missing and/or axe-murdered.)

Any takers? I'll be at rehearsal, so leave your name at the beep.



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