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Lindy Keeps Saying "Involuntarily Celibate" and it Makes Me Sad

Lindy wrote an article about celibacy and how we need to stop shaming it because sometimes it's totally by choice... and she started talking about involuntary celibacy like it's a thing and talking about her periods of involuntary celibacy. She's talking about it like "I didn't want to be celibate" meant that it's involuntary and that's not the same thing! Anyone can find someone to have sex with if that's their primary goal and they just throw the concept of standards out the window.


Upholding your own standards isn't involuntary! It should be celebrated! I already posted there but I'm totally in the greys. Let's just talk about it more back here where the "incel" community probably won't look.

It sounds all shamey like "I didn't have sex with random people just because the guys I liked didn't like me back" is a bad thing. That's not shameful! She says we look at women who are involuntarily celibate as "broken." Awww honey. Those boys clearly didn't deserve the likes of Lindy.

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