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Lindy West? More like Lindy BEST!

After reading about Lindy West's (wait, Lindy, can I call you Lindy? I'm calling you Lindy) experience with the trolls and this mornings Roseanne article (also, I wasn't really around for Roseanne but from the re-runs I think John Goodman was the best part because well, I love The Big Lebowski), I think she underscored the problem with comedy in such a erudite way.

I once, from second grade until I was like, a senior in high school, wanted to be a comedian. I'm a funny person. But there's a line. Rape crosses that line. A woman speaking out about rape jokes is heroic, in my mind. There are other things I personally think crosses the line, but I'm talking rape today.


I have been fortunate enough to have never been raped, but I know there are so many women who have been raped. It breaks my heart and boils my blood that there are people out there that would rather go on a power trip by hurting women by using sex as a weapon. Because a lot of people don't understand that it is about power. Control over another person. In the Congo, as well as other war-torn countries, it is a weapon.

Not to detract from other people (truth time-It's kinda early and I may sound a bit wonky, so bear with me) who have been raped by going all geopolitical, but I wish that we could live in a world where comedians, men and women (looking at you Roseanne-seriously, I honestly really don't know what a Roseanne is other than a crazy person who used to be an important and funny comedian back when I was watching Tiny Toons) were more educated about the way rape affects women (and men-there was a Gawker article a week or so ago about a guy that was raped in prison) in such a horrific way. I just want to shake these people and say 'what if it was your mother? Or sister? Or aunt'? It takes a toll on the mind. It takes a toll on the soul. But I gotta say one thing: survival. If there's one thing in the world, it's the ability to survive. I know it's a long, hard road (again, never been raped, but I have had medical problems that taught me how to survive-but I feel like my problems don't count compared to this abhorrent act) for people to find the place where they can say 'I survived'.


I think Lindy did the right thing, and didn't deserve the flack she got. She is one of the best writers, IMHO, on this site. Her dirt bags make me laugh so hard, and her article about Tyler Perry a while back was everything I was thinking put into a witty and poignant article. I love Lindy.

I have no idea what else to say. I didn't comment yesterday because I had no idea what to say. Comedians are around to make people laugh and think in a witty way (Dorothy Parker, anyone?). I don't think they need to be 'edgy'-well, unless they actually do it in a funny and intelligent way. I mean, sure, say what you want. But come on, if you're making rape jokes, you're not really that smart or witty. But for every Seth MacFarlane (who seems like an ok guy in real life, but I guess everyone has to make a buck), there's a Jon Stewart.


Lindy is a class act. If you read this Lindy, I commend you on your reaction and piece about it. You go girl! Here's your gold medal.

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And if any MRA's read this and decide to respond, I'll come at you bro.

PS-Sorry if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes.

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