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I never dreamt I would ever hear this jawdropping line at a fleamarket. I did today.

I was passing this table of stuff when I heard the woman tell her partner, I assume hubby or bf, The line “I just sold the box of 8 track tapes”. Really? Who buys these?

I checked ebay and most I saw for single 8 track was three dollars. These are not something one can usually sell in bulk. I cannot imagine folks still listen to these.


I assume the buyer saw one that had a big name like Beatles and bought them all. Although I would have bought just that one.

My mother heard from a dealer she knows that people who go to storage auctions that those in Storage Wars would be tossed out if they behaved like they do on Storage Wars. Kinda makes sense. I have never encountered out and out stupid dealers like Rene or overloud braggerts like Dave. Folks like Darrell is actually typical. People gambling and hoping what they buy will bring money, unlike Darrell they tend to just barely make anything, sometimes loud mouths but overall decent.

For anyone watching Storage Wars does anyone besides me detest Rene? I am always happy when he loses money. Yes that’s evil. I even tolerate Dave compared to him. I.strongly dislike Dave but with Rene on, Rene takes the crown. Mary is way too much of a child at times it seems way too fake now.

I do like Ivy like Darrell seems at heart a decent man gambling on buying stuff to resell to make a living. I always root for Ivy and Darrell. Darrell also most importanly seems like a man whose best friend is his son, I love watching them interact.

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