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Hi Everyone, There's a lot going on over there, the links will be in english and french but i'll give a quick summary and trust that you're familiar with google translate :)

The Telegraph proposes that the violence is less about cartoons and more about fomenting another world/civil war against Muslims

The Hooded Utilitarian points out that many of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons were straight up racist and should be criticized even while we mourn those who were killed. BTW this critique is similar to a blog published on the Gawker mainpage.


Le Monde ran a blog item on the Financial Times ill timed critique of the journalists killed.

Le Nouvel Observatour has reported on incidents where mosques are getting bombed or attacked in other ways...

You can watch John Kerry address France in French here.

The Guardian ran a piece on the public grief and people's fear of the event being used by the extreme right (Marine Le Pen's organization Front National)


Speaking of the devil, she apparently was miffed that she wasn't invited to the parade and rally.

I wrote this before this morning's events, but you can watch the live stream here, in both English and France.


And that's where i'm at for the moment....

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