A new study reveals that white college girls' notions of sluttiness "had almost nothing to do with students' real sexual experiences, but everything to do with their social class... with the low-status women pinning sluttiness on 'rich bitches in sororities,' and the high-status women aligning sluttiness with women they perceived as 'trashy,' not 'classy'... Women were convinced that actual sluts existed and organized their behaviors to avoid this label—it's just that the system was more about policing women's looks, fashion, and conversational styles than criticizing the notches on their bedposts. "

A nationally representative study shows that 65% of women, and 25% of men reported being victims of street harassment at some point in their lives. Women were more likely to experience verbal harassment (catcalling), while men were most likely to have homophobic and transphobic slurs thrown their direction. Gay, bisexual, and trans men were victimized at much higher rates than straight cis men, and 70% of lgbt people had experienced harassment by age 17, 30% more than straight cis people. Being poor or a person of color also significantly increased the likelihood of being a victim of street harassment (which has tragically been grouped together instead of separated by gender, because "sample size" ::eyeroll::).

Which makes a wonderful case for why, if someone is asking, "but what about teh menz?", it can pay off to have a little back and forth and see where they're coming from before just accusing them of being an MRA.

Women are twice as likely to be called "pushy", while men are much more likely to be called "condescending," because "'condescending' implies someone is abusing power they already have. 'Pushy' suggests an improper attempt to charge through a barrier."


"Sex workers are somehow invisible when it comes to discerning the truth about their work. Yet clients, police, and others have no trouble finding them to pay, arrest, extort, rob, beat, or rape."


Somaly Mam, famous anti-trafficking advocate, actually lied about being trafficked herself, and coerced several girls to fabricate stories of being trafficked in order to help her cause.